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Detechtion Technologies Launches New “Simulation” Feature

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Detechtion Technologies Launches New “Simulation” Feature
HOUSTON & CALGARY (June 20, 2013) – Detechtion Technologies (Detechtion) announced the newest development in the company’s online diagnostic Enalysis™ tool for compressor fleet management, a simulation feature that allows users to run an unlimited number of what-if scenarios on compressor fleets, increasing reliability and efficiency.

“We developed this simulator as a part of our ongoing commitment to provide clients with the best and latest technology, so that they can always take a proactive approach to optimizing their compressor fleets,” said Brian Taylor, Detechtion’s President and CEO. “This one-of-a-kind simulator, which works with any make, model or vintage of reciprocating or screw compressors, provides our Enalysis™ clients a comprehensive suite of analytical capabilities.”

Leveraging engineering calculations and detailed hardware audits, the simulation feature takes the difficulty out of predicting future compressor performance potential by relying on actual data from fleets to provide specific and accurate compressor calculation models that take into account real-world losses and inefficiencies. As a result, the simulation can:

Get instant answers to how compressors will respond to changing conditions 24/7
Realize significant savings in time and complexity by eliminating reliance on generic programs currently used
Receive clear warnings if predicated or proposed operating conditions approach or exceed the safe operating range of the compressor or associated equipment
Act with increased speed and confidence in developing an operating roadmap to safely maximize production and reduce fuel gas consumption
Take full advantage of having entire fleet of assets online by helping companies model and redeploy idle or underutilized assets to new areas or projects with confidence that production targets can be met
Immediately model dynamic conditions to ensure maximum uptime and reduce the likelihood of an unplanned shutdown
For further information on Detechtion’s simulation module visit

Detechtion Releases First-Ever Smartphone App

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We are excited to announce the release of Detechtion’s first-ever smartphone app, “DT Toolbox”! The app currently contains a calculation of the required compression horsepower based on the input suction pressure, discharge pressure and flow. The release of the DT Toolbox app is a major milestone as it marks the successful first step into app development for Detechtion! We will continue to develop additional calculations and features to add to the DT Toolbox app.

We will also leverage the experience of building the DT Toolbox app into creating a field data entry app that will allow staff and clients to enter data and otherwise interact with Enalysis through a dedicated app on their phones. The field data entry app will be a separate “Enalysis” app, distinct from the DT Toolbox as it will allow direct access to Enalysis, rather than provide engineering tools.


To download the DT Toolbox app for iPhones and iPads:
Click here

To download the DT Toolbox app for Android phones:
Click here

Detechtion Technologies Enters Into Agreement to Acquire CyberWAVE

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Chris Jones
Pierpont Communications

CALGARY & HOUSTON (April 3, 2013) – Detechtion Technologies, a leader in compressor fleet management and optimization solutions, has acquired CyberWAVE Technologies Inc. based in Calgary, Alberta. CyberWAVE is an IT consulting company that specializes in helping clients automate processes and maximize reach with internet technologies.

“The acquisition is part of our on-going global strategy to remain the industry leader in the development and support of web-based fleet management technologies,” said Detechtion’s President Brian Taylor. “CyberWAVE’s focus on software development, combined with their enhanced knowledge and focus on the Enalysis™ solution, provides our clients unique access to advanced software delivery technology and provides the oil and gas industry with a turnkey option for compressor fleet management.”

CyberWAVE has worked closely with Detechtion in the past, launching the company’s first web-based version of their Enalysis™ product back in the early 2000’s. Through this acquisition, Detechtion will create a product development and innovation group with CyberWAVE’s team to focus on the continuous evolution of fleet management technologies.

CyberWAVE CEO Eric Sit will serve as Detechtion’s new Chief Technology Officer, setting and executing on the company’s vision of innovative technology development.

About Detechtion Technologies
Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization and fleet management solution. Detechtion also offers its world-class compressor school courses across North America. For more information on Detechtion, please call 1.800.780.9798, or visit their website at

Investment in Enalysis Pays Huge Dividends to One Client

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January, 2013

The below summary highlights a tremendous improvement in performance experienced by one of our clients at a Five Compressor Station after some configuration changes were recommended and implemented on January 16th, 2013:


  1. The station consists of five compressors, Ariel KBZ four throw – three stage units driven by Caterpillar G3616 engines.  Each is equipped with ACI automatic un-loaders (Fixed Volume Pockets and valve un-loaders), speed controllers, and suction pressure controllers.
  2. They can be operated in any configuration of 10 separate load steps.   Load Steps 1 through 6 involve double-acting cylinders and load steps 7 through 10 involve single-acting cylinders.
  3. The compressors commenced feeding data into Enalysis on November 23, 2012


  1. The main issue with these compressors was they were operating in completely different load steps even though they were running under the same field conditions.  The suction and discharge pressures were swinging often, causing the compressors to fluctuate between load steps (up to 4 or 5 times or more in a day).
  2. This discrepancy across the compressors was causing the station to run under largely varying suction pressures.  This scenario is not ideal for the compressors or for the wells supplying gas.
  3. At the time of audit, the compressors were not able to move more gas even if the suction pressure set-point was increased.
  4. Additionally, several blowby flags were identified on preliminary Enalysis reports.  One of these blowby conditions was causing its compressor to run into a rod load situation of 96% of maximum allowable rod load.


  1. The first step was to address the “easy” fixes by pointing out blowby (valve issues).  These were remedied very quickly by the compressor maintenance teams. The results of these fixes can be seen below: Detechtion Executive Summary. Pointing out blowby #1Detechtion Executive Summary. Pointing out blowby #2
    Unit #1: Detechtion Executive Summary. Unit #1
    Unit #2: Detechtion Executive Summary. Unit #2
    After measuring the result of the fixes involving the two compressors with blowby issues, they were moving approximately 4 mmscfd more (combined) and rod load issue disappeared!
  2. Other than the blowby issue, the compressors were relatively sound from a mechanical standpoint so the next step was to build Optimized Loading Curves for all five of the compressors.  See one of them below: Compressor Unit
    It can be seen that beyond 150 psig, which is when Load Steps 8, 9 and 10 are initiated, the compressors will not move more gas.  Even at 200 psig at Load Step 10, each compressor will move about the same amount of gas (approximately 30-31 mmscfd) as it does at 150 psig with a tighter load step (such as Load Step 6).
    This finding plus the fact that the compressors were constantly swinging between load steps prompted the Detechtion engineer to recommend setting the suction controller at 150 psig (down from 165 psig).
  3. The third step was to utilize the Detechtion loading curves to reconfigure the compressors for more efficient operation.  One positive aspect of the Detechtion curve, is that it shows the actual range of operation of these compressors (which is from 41 psig – 200 psig of suction pressure) at 1250 psig of discharge pressure.  By utilizing the information provided by the loading curve, the client was able to widen the suction controller set-points from a range of 120-165 psig to a range of 70-150 psig.  The benefit of this discovery and subsequent action is that the compressors, which were way too unloaded to meet that tight suction pressure setting, would have a much broader range in which to operate.
  4. The fourth step in the transformation of this compressor station was to make final adjustments.  The information provided by the Detechtion loading curve also allowed for an adjustment of the compressor pressure alarms and shut-down kill switches.  The alarms and kills were tuned according to the new suction pressure range, as per the table below: Alarm and Kills


  1. The results were immediate. The compressors stopped swinging between load steps because the new range of suction pressures allowed them to run at a lower pressure.  Each compressor finally stabilized at approximately 105 psig.
  2. The compressors were all synchronized at similar load steps; as was expected.
  3. The flow dramatically increased and remained steady, which is beneficial for both the operation of the compressors and of the wells.

This is a snapshot of two points in time (before and after the changes) for the station.  It clearly portrays the significant improvement of the station as a whole: Detechtion Executive Summary. Before/AfterBefore the changes, some of the compressors tended to fluctuate between heavily loaded and heavily unloaded because the ACI controller was trying to meet the limited suction pressure range (120-160 psig), and the station was moving a total of 100.5 mmscfd at 126 psig.  After the changes the station increased in overall flow to 133.4 mmscfd at 106 psig of suction pressure.

This equates to a 33 mmscfd improvement in less than 48 hours.  When the price of natural gas is taken into consideration, the overall improvement in flow equates to a monthly increase in revenue of approximately 3 million dollars!

This can also be seen on the client’s automated flow trend for the entire station:

Automated flow trend for the entire station #1

Before the changes in configuration, the swings in operation are evident.   The arrows on the graph point to large swings in flow – caused primarily by the issues with the station / compressor settings.  Similarly, after changes in configuration were made, the operation of the compressors and the station flow rate improved.  Also, the previous detrimental fluctuations were significantly reduced.

Finally, below, the flow for the individual compressor #5 can be seen. It clearly shows the wild flow swings before the configuration changes (highlighted by the arrows), stopped on Jan 16th.

Automated flow trend for the entire station #2


Three key items were instrumental in achieving this level of success for our client:

  • The comprehensive nature and precise utilization of the Enalysis system
  • The work and attention by the Detechtion Engineering Account Manager to uncover the opportunity
  • The collaboration of the client and our staff, working together to achieve the same goal

The measurable result is in the range of $100,000 per day of increased production.  This is in addition to intangible improvements such as unforeseeable avoidance’s in compressor downtime, and a higher level of cognizance by the compressor operations team.


 “…I see the results you accomplished with the configuration changes on the compressors.  I can’t tell you how valuable you and Detechtion have been to our operations.  I look forward to your assistance in the future especially at [this station].  There is a lot of learning with these units that our guys need to develop, and [they] have pretty much relied on [the leasing company] to help with proper loading sequences.  Obviously this has not worked out too well.  Now that you have been working with the guys (mainly Josh), the results have been dramatic… Once again, THANK YOU, for all your efforts.”

Detechtion Technologies Announces Agreement with Major U.S. Compressor Leasing Company

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February 8, 2012
Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas

Detechtion Technologies, leaders in compression optimization and management, announced today that it will be providing its compressor optimization and fleet management services to a significant natural gas compressor leasing company in the United States.

“We are excited about this partnership, which brings the significant benefits of Detechtion’s compressor fleet management and optimization directly to a major leasing company,” said Brian Taylor, Detechtion’s President and CEO. “As a leasing company, our client provides turnkey compression services. They will be using our proven ability to help them improve their fleet reliability and overall compressor utilization, which will translate into improved financial performance as they are able to provide reliable service to their customers.”

Enalysis™ is Detechtion’s web-accessible online platform that provides compressor fleet management and optimization, as well as knowledge capture across the fleet. Beyond the powerful optimization software, Detechtion provides each client continuous access to an Engineering Account Manager, who monitors the customer’s fleet and provides valuable recommendations to improve efficiency and reliability.

Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization, simulation, and fleet management program. Detechtion also offers its world-class compressor school courses across North America. For more information on Detechtion, please call 1.800.780.9798, or visit their website at

Detechtion Technologies to Conduct Compressor Optimization Course at Gas/Electric Partnership Conference

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January 17, 2013
Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas

Detechtion Technologies, leaders in compression optimization and management, will be conducting a natural gas compressor tutorial at the Gas/Electric Partnership’s Conference XXI in Houston, Texas, on February 5, 2013.

Robert Jarrett, Detechtion’s U.S. Technical Training and Safety Manager, will present a short course on Natural Gas Rotary Screw Compressor Optimization starting at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, February 5. The course will explore the concept of optimization and how it applies to rotary screw compressors, as well as their tandem operation with reciprocating compressors.

“This short course will provide a review of compression theory, as well as the use of specific real-world case studies, to give attendees practical and valuable knowledge of compressor optimization, and how optimization can have a significantly positive effect on every aspect of compressor fleet operation and maintenance,” said Jeffrey Essel-Ampah, Detechtion’s Vice President, Engineering and Development.

Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization and fleet management program. Detechtion also offers its world-class compressor school courses across North America. For more information on Detechtion, please call 1.800.780.9798, or visit their website at

Detechtion Announces Office Expansion, Additional Staff, and Showcasing at the GMRC in Late 2012

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May 7th, 2012

Detechtion Technologies announced today the continued expansion of their global operations. Consistent with their strategic plan for 2012, Detechtion has been adding significant numbers of new staff into each of their offices in Calgary AB, Houston TX, Pittsburgh PA, and Brisbane QLD. These staff additions will strengthen their teams specifically in the areas of sales, operations/engineering, technology, and the administrative/support functions.

Some client highlights through the first quarter include several more assets added byForest Oil in Texas, and a fleet wide expansion with Summit Midstream, another US-based company. In the Canadian market, after the acquisition of Midway Energy byWhitecap Resources, Detechtion was immediately requested to implement all the newly purchased assets into Enalysis™. The Australian market also had a new client added to Detechtion’s growing client portfolio, with Westside Corporation adding their fleet of compression assets to Enalysis™ through the month of April. “With gas prices at a 10 year low, we are seeing producers and midstream companies turning to Enalysis™, our web-based fleet surveillance and management solution, to minimize operating and maintenance expenses and improve overall reliability across their compression fleets,” said John Peters, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development at Detechtion.

To accommodate the realized growth, Detechtion is excited to announce today that they have completed their office move in Houston TX, to the Phoenix Tower located at 3200 Southwest Freeway. “This move is very timely, and was a requirement in order to accommodate the growth path that we have set”, stated Lizette Mandola, Chief Financial Officer for Detechtion. She went on to say, “for any clients in the area, the Houston team would like to extend an open invitation to drop in and see us on the 32nd floor.”

Towards the latter half of 2012, Detechtion has been selected to present two talks during the GMRC in October. The GMRC event will be hosted in Austin, TX this year. The topic of the talks Detechtion is delivering are Natural Gas Reciprocating and Rotary Screw Compressor Optimization, and a technical update on a new Enalysis™ feature that will be released later in 2012. The presentations will be delivered by Frederic Dessureault, Senior Account Manager, and Travis Adlington, Manager, Technology Development. As more detail becomes available on this event Detechtion will continue to share the latest.

Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization and fleet management program. For more information on Detechtion, please call 1.800.780.9798, or visit their website at

Detechtion Announces New Client and Staff Additions for 4th Quarter 2011

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January 27th, 2012
Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas

Detechtion Technologies announced today the continued expansion of their client base and hiring programs, as well as technology advancement consistent with their long term growth plans. The fourth quarter of 2011 produced significant additions for Detechtion which included expansion with 20 of their existing clients.

New clients added:

  • Surge Energy Inc. – Surge Energy Inc. is an oil focused company with operations in Alberta, Manitoba and North Dakota. Their emphasis on decreasing operating costs and maximizing financial efficiencies is part of their plan to evolve into a top tier, intermediate producer.

  • Tournament Exploration Ltd. – Tournament Exploration is an upstream oil and gas exploration and production company focused on drilling multi-zone crude oil and natural gas prospects in Alberta. Tournament Exploration is a privately owned Canadian corporation that has been in operation since 2006.

Highlights of expansion with existing clients:

  • Energy XXI – Energy XXI has implemented an “acquire and exploit” growth strategy to build a geographically focused portfolio. The company plans to develop acquired properties while ramping up a complementary exploration program designed to provide organic growth for the future.

  • PostRock Energy Corporation (PSTR) – PSTR is engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, production and transportation of oil and natural gas primarily in the Cherokee Basin of Kansas and Oklahoma. PostRock owns and operates over 2,800 wells and nearly 2,200 miles of gas gathering lines in the Cherokee Basin. In addition, it owns 1,100 miles of interstate gas pipelines in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.

  • AltaGas Ltd. – AltaGas Ltd. has approximately 6,500 kilometres of associated gathering lines moving natural gas from producing wells to more than 70 field gathering and processing facilities. With an enterprise value $3.3 billion in natural gas gathering and processing, liquids extraction and storage, Altagas has a workforce of more than 900 and an asset base of $2.6 billion.

Staff additions:

Detechtion is pleased to announce the addition Elias Panasuik into the Calgary operation, as the newest member to join their growing business development team. Elias joined the company on December 5, 2011. He has been working in the North American Oil & Gas industry for 7 years with a number of instrumentation and SCADA vendors, including Endress+Hauser, Simark Controls and Prologic Controls.

Technology advancement:

The fourth quarter of 2011 saw a significant update to Detechtion’s fleet management solution, Enalysis™.

On October 27, 2011, Detechtion released a new mapping interface within Enalysis™. This feature, built using Google Maps, visually displays the locations of all compression assets in the fleet. Built-in, user-defined filters, allow the user to customize the view of their compression fleet based on production and maintenance criteria.

“Innovation and the evolution of the Enalysis™ product continue to be our priority. Bringing increased value to clients on a consistent basis is part of our company philosophy.” – Travis Adlington, Manager Technology Development.

Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization and fleet management program. For more information on D

Detechtion Announces New Client and Staff Additions for 3rd Quarter 2011

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October 17,th, 2011
Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas

The third quarter of 2011 has been a time of growth for Detechtion Technologies, in the areas of personnel, business development and product development.

New staff additions:

  • Davis Allan joined Technical Services, Canadian Division. He is a Mechanical Engineering student at the Schulich School of Engineering and has completed his third year of study in the program. Davis will be joining Detechtion for a one year internship before he returns to school next fall to finish up his degree.
  • Jackson Skalicky was hired on as Engineering Account Manager in the Canadian office. Jackson graduated in May 2011 from the University of Saskatchewan’s Chemical Engineering program. He has a background in the oil industry, having worked as a field engineer for Tucker Wireline.
  • David Perez-Guerra joined the Houston office as the Engineering Account Manager. He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas. Before joining Detechtion, David worked for All County Surveying.
  • Lauren Penfound has been promoted to the position of Marketing Coordinator. After three successful years on the Administration team at Detechtion, Lauren moves into the Marketing Department where she will take a lead role in managing client user conferences in both the US and Canada. Lauren brings to the role a strong background in client management and event planning.
  • Katelyn Smith joined the Canadian office as the new Administrative Assistant. Katelyn has an extensive background in customer service and has studied at the Alberta College of Art & Design.

New clients added during the Q3 2011 include:

  • DeSoto Gathering (a Division of Southwestern Energy): Southwestern Energy Company is a growing independent energy company primarily engaged in natural gas and crude oil exploration, development and production within North America. They are also focused on creating and capturing additional value through their natural gas gathering and marketing businesses, called Midstream Services. DeSoto Gathering Company is one of these Midstream Services companies.
  • Blaze Energy: Blaze Energy Ltd. is a privately owned Calgary based oil and natural gas company with both upstream and midstream assets. The majority of their operations are conducted in the Brazeau River and West Pembina areas located in Alberta. Blaze controls a significant percentage of the Brazeau River Complex, a major sour natural gas facility which is operated on behalf of the other owners and third party facility users.
  • Peyto Energy: Peyto is an explorer of unconventional natural gas in Alberta’s Deep Basin. They have 267,000 net acres and 5 gas plants producing 35,000 boe/d. Peyto operates 98% of its production and processes 100% of that production through its five gas plants.

Expansion with Existing Clients:

  • XTO Energy (Fayetteville Gathering): XTO has a 20-year track record of investing in and understanding how the unconventional resource base can be profitable. They have 550,000 acres in the Fayetteville Shale Gathering area. Detechtion now works with three of XTO’s gathering areas.
  • ARC Resources (Pembina, Drayton Valley): ARC is one of Canada’s leading conventional oil and gas companies. Their operations are focused in seven core areas across western Canada. Pembina (Drayton Valley) is the latest area to add units to Detechtions Enalysis™ system. Detechtion already works with ARC in Northern Alberta and North East BC.
  • PennWest Energy (Red Deer): With a land base totalling approximately 6 million acres, PennWest’s production comes from a portfolio of properties spread across the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, encompassing Fort St. John, Alberta, southern Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba. Detechtion has been working with PennWest in Fort St. John since 2001. With the addition of the Red Deer area, Detechtion now works with PennWest in both of their major gas plays.
  • Husky Energy (Lloydminster): Husky Energy is one of Canada’s largest integrated energy companies. Operating Upstream, Midstream and Downstream business segments in North America and also upstream activities in South East Asia and Greenland, Husky Energy now engaged Detechtion in two of their Alberta areas: Lloydminster and Grand Cache.

New Product Development

On September 21, 2011, Detechtion released version 3.0 of its Enalysis™ compressor diagnostic tool. This new release brings numerous enhancements to the already robust compressor diagnostic tools. One major enhancement of note is the new driver diagnostics capabilities within Enalysis™. The new driver Enalysis™ report features the previously implemented tracking and trending capabilities for all of the entered values, plus the addition of flagging of out-of-range values and new calculated parameters allowing Enalysis™ customer’s true diagnostics on both their compressors and engines.

Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization and fleet management program. For more information on Detechtion, please call 1.800.780.9798, or visit their website at

Detechtion Announces New Executive Appointments

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October 3rd, 2011
Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas

The executive team at Detechtion Technologies has made some fundamental shifts and additions in the senior leadership group today, setting the stage for a strong growth period of investment in the organization.

New Executive Appointments:

  • Brian Taylor, P. Eng. will be stepping into the role of President & Chief Executive Officer. Brian is taking over for Alan Taylor who recently transitioned from CEO to Chairman of the Detechtion Board. Brian’s previous role was President and Chief Operating Officer.

  • Andrew Miles, P.E., MBA has been promoted from Senior Vice President, Global Operations to Chief Operating Officer & General Manager. This role was previously held by Cavan Carlton whose title was Senior Vice President & General Manager – U.S. & International. Cavan has also moved on to join the Detechtion Board.

  • Lizette Mandola has joined Detechtion Technologies in the position of Chief Financial Officer. Lizette brings 14 years of executive level financial, human resources, and legal experience to Detechtion’s senior team.

Brian Taylor sees the new executive appointments as an important investment in the continued global success of the company, saying, "[These changes] continue to build on a very progressive, globally positioned executive team, with a proven track record of sustainable growth and continued development of our people and our technology. We have very ambitious goals to achieve as a group over the next 10 years, and the evolution of our executive team today, along with the formalization of our new board of directors, is yet another exciting step forward for everyone involved with Detechtion."

Detechtion Technologies is the developer of Enalysis™, the world’s leading compressor optimization and fleet management program. For more information on Detechtion, please call 1.800.780.9798, or visit their website at