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Compressor Engineer – Houston, TX

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Company Profile

Detechtion Technologies provides compressor optimization and fleet management solutions to natural gas producers through our principal product Enalysis™. Each year, Detechtion’s clients are provided with a significant return on their investment using Enalysis™ through the successful diagnosis of compressor inefficiencies, reductions in fuel gas consumption, increases in natural gas production, and the prevention of catastrophic failures. Detechtion is led by a vibrant, highly motivated management team focused on providing best-in-class service to our existing clients and aggressively adding new customers. Detechtion has offices in Houston, Calgary, and Brisbane. Visit for more information.

Candidate Profile

The successful applicant will play an essential role within the Operations Group working alongside a young, energetic team. We are looking for a candidate who demonstrates the following characteristics:

  • Self-motivated
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented
  • High willingness to learn


Become technically competent in the responsibilities of the Operations Group:

  • Natural Gas Reciprocating and Rotary Compressor theory
  • EnalysisTM diagnostic system
  • Compression simulation software
  • Running compressor diagnostics
  • Identifying optimization opportunities
  • Onsite evaluation of compression assets
  • Working on technology enhancement projects


The successful applicant will have a Bachelor degree in Mechanical or Petroleum Engineering, and field experience in the Oil and Gas Industry will be an asset.

Contact Information

Kari Scotton: [email protected].

Please write “Compressor Engineer Position” on the subject line and attach your resume and cover letter to apply.
No phone calls please.

Detechtion Technologies Eliminates Over 600,000 Metric Tons of CO₂ Emissions Every Year

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Detechtion Technologies, the world leader in compression optimization and fleet management, announced today that a recent study showed that it enables its customer base to eliminate over 600,000 metric tons of CO₂ emissions on an annual basis through ongoing compressor optimization. Using Enalysis™, Detechtion customers are able to look for inefficiencies in compression fleets that, when acted upon, lead to less power consumption to move the same amount of natural gas.

As more companies strive to reduce their carbon footprint due to tightening regulations from province, state and federal agencies, oil and gas production and midstream companies must find ways to deliver natural gas to the market in more efficient ways. Compressors that are configured sub-optimally waste power leading to unnecessary CO₂ emissions. Finding low cost, high impact opportunities for efficiency gains not only saves the environment from those extra greenhouse gas emissions, but the companies enjoy the added benefit of reducing expenses through reduced carbon levies, fuel gas and/or electricity usage.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.7 metric tons of CO₂ per year. The reduction in CO₂ emissions enabled and acted upon by Enalysis™ users results in the equivalent of eliminating more than 130,000 passenger vehicles from North American roadways.

Mike Hill, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Detechtion, said “The primary value we bring our customers is through identifying opportunities to increase utilization in compression fleets, but just as importantly, we also detect opportunities to increase efficiencies and save power consumption leading to lower CO₂ emissions without sacrificing production. When asked recently how Detechtion helps companies reduce their carbon footprints, I was pleased to commission a study by our engineers to quantify just how much we were helping to affect this increasingly important metric.”

Detechtion Technologies Announces Latest Release of Enalysis™

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Detechtion Technologies, the world leader in compression optimization and fleet management, announces the release of Enalysis™ 3.17. This new release enhances calculations for rotary screw compressors, along with numerous other enhancements, bug fixes, and usability improvements.

Roughly 20% of units in Enalysis™ are rotary screw compressors, and our screw compressor diagnostic software offers the same predictive analytic capabilities as our best-in-class software for reciprocating compressors. Manufacturers of screw compressors continue to release new products and new technologies that impact the calculations within Enalysis™, and we monitor these evolving equipment and technology advances and adjust our calculations accordingly. In this release, we have carefully enhanced the rotary screw compressor calculations, introducing equations that enable Enalysis™ to better model units under partial load from user-configurable slide valve adjustments, and we refined efficiency calculations for over and under-compression operating conditions. All of these enhancements provide more accurate machine horsepower calculations which result in more precise configuration recommendations.
In addition to these enhancements, we also made improvements to Enalysis™ reporting, added electrical current draw to multiple reports, and enhanced our compression simulation functionality for fixed compressor unloaders. For customers who use the Enalysis™ maintenance module, we have continued to deliver workflow and usability enhancements to the system based on close collaboration with our customers.

Gerry Conroy, SVP of Product and Portfolio for Detechtion, said “We are pleased to release our improved rotary screw compressor enhancements along with other software investments to improve the usability and reporting capabilities in Enalysis™. Our customers are challenged to manage large compression fleets comprised of a mix of machines from different manufacturers and different vintages. Enalysis™ provides a single repository of hundreds of different compressors and configuration options that prioritizes opportunities across the fleet to deliver improved throughput, reduced operating costs and catastrophic failure prevention, delivering top-quartile asset performance. In a difficult commodity environment, we continue to invest in differentiating features of Enalysis™, producing a unique value proposition with substantial returns to owners and operators of natural gas compression fleets.”

Release of Enalysis™ Version 3.16

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Detechtion Technologies, the world leader in compression optimization and fleet management, announces the release of EnalysisTM 3.16. This release delivers a new fuel gas / electricity Cash Flow at RiskTM metric which enables our customers to more effectively monitor and capture opportunities to reduce driver energy consumption. In addition, a number of added enhancements improve usability and performance of the core EnalysisTM web-based software application.

In this difficult low commodity price environment, our customers are focused on getting the maximum benefit from every dollar of their operating expense investment. Delivering a new proprietary Cash Flow at RiskTM metric provides our customers with a new level of scrutiny on operating parameters and actionable guidance to deliver savings in fuel gas / electricity consumption. For those customers who use natural gas drivers to drive their compressors, any savings in fuel gas is immediately converted to gas that is sold through the sales meter.

In this release we also deliver usability enhancements to our equipment downtime tracking module and an improved ability for our customers to manage users, along with a number of additional usability improvements.

Gerry Conroy, SVP of Product and Portfolio for Detechtion, said “Adding a new proprietary Cash Flow at RiskTM metric focuses our customers on extracting every dollar of value from running their compressor fleet at peak efficiency. Fuel gas and electricity are consumables, and reductions in these consumables are dollars that immediately flow to our customer’s bottom line. For one large customer we documented a 6% fuel gas savings over a two-year period, equivalent to over $1.1 million in additional gas sales per year. Detechtion is thrilled to continue to invest in our software and solution offering to deliver outstanding ROIs to our customers in this challenging price environment.”