Detechtion Technologies provides field audits and unit setup

Field Audits & Setup

The first step in achieving total optimization using Enalysis™ is to set up each engine/compressor package in the system. Our engineers will perform a comprehensive audit of the site and gather all pertinent design data for the entire compressor skid. This data will then be entered in Enalysis™ and an individual entity will be created for the package within the software. The entire procedure requires no more than a day or two and diagnostic reports can then immediately be executed.

The field audit and set-up process provides a variety of benefits for both Detechtion Technologies and our client:

  • It allows our engineers to verify the design and geometric parameters of each engine/compressor package; regardless of make or model.
  • It serves as the basis for the development of trust and ongoing relationship between Detechtion and our client – we cultivate an understanding of our client’s unique operating situation / goals and can provide a customized service for any operating scenario.
  • It allows us to obtain a better understanding of reporting and communication requirements of our client.
  • It allows us to acquire a complete understanding of how each unit fits within our client’s entire fleet of operations and assists us in making accurate and actionable recommendations.

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