Automated Data capture SCADA by Detechtion Technologies

Automated Data Capture

Many oil and gas producers have made significant investments in SCADA and other corporate data infrastructure systems. They usually make these investments to streamline business processes and workflow. These investments also enable them to capture opportunities from value add applications that utilize the vast amount of data now available for processing.

While Enalysis™ can be utilized without these systems, we find that customers whom have made the investment to automatically populate their compression fleet operating data into Enalysis™ maximize the full potential benefits of our fleet management system.

Operating data can be automatically populated into Enalysis™ from any SCADA system, relational database, or process historian that can export into CSV or XML format. We have experience with SCADA Vendors such as CygNet, eLynx and Wonderware. We can also assist your SCADA administrators as they configure information to be exchanged with Enalysis™

Predictive Analytics become extremely valuable to our customers when performed in an automated process.

Contact us today if increasing revenue and decreasing the costs of running and maintaining your compression fleet is something that is important to you.