Enbase    for Chemical Program Management

Many well sites use chemical injection strategies to enhance extraction or improve equipment performance, but few monitor these systems to optimize performance or contain costs. Often treated with a set-and-forget approach, installations can lose effectiveness or waste costly additives.

Since chemicals are often the third highest operating cost for a production site, addressing the situation can improve profitability. Enbase™ for Chemical Program Management can provide a simple and effective system to monitor chemical injection equipment, provide data collection via the cloud and digitize paper-based systems. An Enbase™ Tank Level Sensor, the Enbase™ Dashboard, and Fieldlink™ make it easy to see all the relevant information in real-time, at a glance, from any location

Market Requirement

Enbase™ for Chemical Program Management

Monitor chemical injection equipment performance

  • Eliminates the need to send operators to the site to check equipment
  • Verifies that the injector pump is running
  • Verifies that the pump is not vapor locked or has lost prime
  • Alarms appropriately if power trips or pumping stops

Control chemical dosing rates

  • Compares actual well production with levels used to determine dosage rates
  • Verifies that pump speed is correct for the dosage rate

Monitor chemical stocks

  • Provides real-time inventory data via the dashboard
  • Sends alarm when any product moves below safety-stock levels

Report production and usage to chemical supplier

  • Sends monthly well production and chemical use report automatically
  • Maintains report history for analysis

Monitor supplier activity at the well site

  • Verifies via GPS that the supplier’s truck is at the correct site and well
  • Tracks lab samples and analysis results
  • Helps implement any suggested dosage adjustments