Enbase    for Compression Monitoring, Control and Telematics

Natural gas producers often struggle trying to get a handle on their compressor fleet performance. With units scattered over broad territory, sometimes it’s difficult to know which are even running. Some bits of information may trickle in, but users are a long way from the kind of data transparency they need to optimize operations.

Enbase™ for Compression Monitoring, Control and Telematics can make the view much clearer. Using a solution with simple hardware and cloud-based communications, users can control installations while gathering performance data remotely. They can drill into condition and efficiency details for any installation. Algorithm-based models simplify the presentation to support effective decision making.

Market Requirement

Enbase™ for Compression Monitoring, Control and Telematics Solution

Control and monitor installations remotely

  • Indicates at a glance which units are running
  • Provides access to details of performance and efficiency
  • Adjusts operational settings as needed
  • Data is historized for later analysis and reporting to lease holder

Simplify installation and integration

  • Controls and monitors functions via the same solution
  • One-source solution avoids bridging multiple platforms
  • Easy remote data access and movement

Identify maintenance issues

  • Can read and historize a wide variety of condition variables
  • Can detect valve, piston and rod-loading problems early
  • Compares power used to driver loading to isolate discrepancies

Reduce fuel and power consumption

  • System control functions allow remote changes to operational settings
  • Calculates loading scenarios to recommend optimum pocket settings
  • Data collection facilitates accurate emissions reporting

Reduce risk of catastrophic equipment failure

  • Alarming functions warn when critical limits crossed
  • Can report critical variables with full detail plus alarms