Detechtion Releases First-Ever Smartphone App

By May 17, 2013 Press Releases No Comments

We are excited to announce the release of Detechtion’s first-ever smartphone app, “DT Toolbox”! The app currently contains a calculation of the required compression horsepower based on the input suction pressure, discharge pressure and flow. The release of the DT Toolbox app is a major milestone as it marks the successful first step into app development for Detechtion! We will continue to develop additional calculations and features to add to the DT Toolbox app.

We will also leverage the experience of building the DT Toolbox app into creating a field data entry app that will allow staff and clients to enter data and otherwise interact with Enalysis through a dedicated app on their phones. The field data entry app will be a separate “Enalysis” app, distinct from the DT Toolbox as it will allow direct access to Enalysis, rather than provide engineering tools.


To download the DT Toolbox app for iPhones and iPads:
Click here

To download the DT Toolbox app for Android phones:
Click here