Enalysis – Compression Fleet Management and Maintenance software



What is Enalysis?™

Enalysis™ is a powerful and unique, web-enabled software tool for compressor fleet management and optimization.

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Benefits of Enalysis™

Maximize Revenue Capture

All compressors in the fleet are reviewed regularly for optimization opportunities. Dynamic field conditions and declining well composition makes compression optimization difficult.

Enalysis™ gives operators specific operating instructions to increase throughput, improve equipment uptime and horsepower utilization. Simulator capabilities improve operational and logistical decision-making.

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Case Study: Santos Energy



Reduce Lease Operating Expenses

Improper compressor setup and / or maintenance can result in high operating costs. Potentially expensive equipment failures occur frequently and inexperienced operators compound this problem.

Enalysis™ recommendations frequently result in a 6% reduction in fuel costs and a significant reduction in unplanned call-outs. Early warning of potential catastrophic failures lead to much lower unplanned downtime and an increased efficiency of operators and mechanics.

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Case Study: Stone Energy

Best in Class Asset Management

Operating and maintenance excellence is difficult to maintain across a mix of owned, leased and acquired equipment that frequently comes from different manufacturers and packagers. Complex and changing emissions regulations are tough to comply with.

Enalysis™ offers comprehensive emissions and maintenance modules that support evolving industry regulations. Detechtion also provides a dedicated compression expert to help utilize the Enalysis™ software and aid in monitoring your entire fleet 24×7.

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