Mobility for Oil and Gas Easy as a Smartphone App

Why can’t checking operations at your well sites be as easy as checking your email? It can be, and it is using Fieldlink, the mobility platform for oil and gas. Enabling cloudbased data collection and communication serves two critical functions: it supports information gathering in a central location while facilitating access from anywhere.

While most operators capture a hodge-podge of information across incompatible SCADA and other control platforms, Fieldlink provides the mechanism to reach through the firewall to see what’s happening and control site operations without travelling to remote locations. The need to send an operator to a well site just to verify it’s operating as expected is no longer necessary.


Market Requirement

Fieldlink Solution

Bring automation to stranded assets

  • Any operational factors can be included
  • Operates on any smart device: phone, tablet or computer
  • Closes the communication gaps caused by piecemeal systems
  • Can be designed and configured as needed for any operation

Monitor operating systems by exception

  • Know immediately which systems need attention now, or will soon
  • No need to sort through properly running assets to find the problems
  • Bad actors can get heavier monitoring to prevent problems escalating

All systems can be part of the network

  • Automating lease operator and pumping activities can lower LOE
  • HSE and compliance alerts can be reported immediately
  • All functional areas, from construction to production and haul-offs can be

Bridges gaps between engineers and managers

  • Feedback from the field is seamless and real-time
  • Field personnel and contractors have critical data to guide optimization and
    flow assurance
  • Wellhead chemical dosing can be monitored and controlled

Reporting actions can be fully automated

  • All site visit and haul-off activities can be time- and geo-stamped
  • Any loading and unloading events are documented and reported
  • Inspections can be quick, accurate, paperless and synchronized so none are