Enalysis is a complete Fleet Management solution

Enalysis™ – A complete fleet management solution

Detechtion Technologies offers the only commercially available, predictive, SaaS system to optimize a fleet of compressors moving natural gas: Enalysis™. Our focus is in improving the overall efficiency of compression fleets and the people that service them. By utilizing the fleet management capabilities of Enalysis™, our customers are able to pinpoint where the opportunities for improvement are today and where the problems are likely to occur tomorrow.

Customers that build their work processes around the actionable information that Enalysis™ provides routinely see productivity gains approaching 25% in their operations staff. Other customers enjoy throughput increases of up to 6% where more gas production is available. In declining fields, our customers save fuel gas by optimizing the compressor set points to run at peak efficiencies. Other customers avoid catastrophic failures and increase utilization with Enalysis™ through the predictive analysis and optimization of every compressor in their fleet.

Contact us today if increasing revenue and decreasing the costs of running and maintaining your compression fleet is something that is important to you.

Benefits of Using Enalysis™ fleet management tools:


Cash Flow and Blowby KPIs

Our proprietary CFR (Cash Flow at Risk) and Blowby KPIs tell you where the biggest problems or opportunities exist.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated operations staff help you spot opportunities to optimize your compression fleet.

Fleet Reporting
Fleet Wide Reporting

Fleet reports that detail your worst performing compressors.

Charts and Graphs

One-click historical charts and graphs for easy trending analysis of operating conditions and performance levels of each compressor, each field, each district, and even the entire fleet.

Specialized Spreadsheets

Detailed user-designed spreadsheets for each compressor, a range of compressors (for example, in a specific operating area), or all compressors, that provide setup data, operating results, KPIs, and performance flags.

Printable Material for reviews

User-designed printable charts for compressor review meetings.

Administrative and Security Capabilities

Different on-line data access levels for individuals within your company, ranging from “need-to-know” access to broad “read-only” access to comprehensive administrative access.