Enbase   Tank Level Sensor

Enbase™ Tank Level Sensor (TLS) remotely monitors oil and gas production chemical systems. Certified by CSA for hazardous locations, this rugged and powerful system provides operators and chemical vendors with state-of-the-art capabilities to remotely monitor production chemical tank levels, track inventory, spot problems, and automatically track chemical injection PPM rates based on actual oil, gas and water production volumes. Additionally, the Enbase™ TLS includes a web application for instant access to this information, as well as an optional mobile app for batch/truck treatments, samples, analyticals, coupons, work orders, etc.

Tank Level Monitoring

  • Hydrostatic pressure transducer-based tank level sensor
  • Mounts easily on existing chemical tanks and is not impacted by vapor or foaming
  • Highly accurate tank level readings
  • Detects and measures dosage rates, tank fills, leaks, air locks, and more
  • Works on all sizes, shapes and types of chemical tanks


Wireless Communications and Power

  • Built-in satellite chipset communicates anywhere in the world (save only for uninhabited polar cap regions
  • No need to worry about spotty cellular coverage or no coverage
  • Data plans are just as affordable as cellular
  • Built-in GPS for device and tank location tracking
  • Device is powered by a replaceable battery with up to a five-year service life
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